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Bamboo cockfighting is a new trend in the betting field in Vietnam and has quickly attracted the attention of many players, especially at bookmaker New88. To learn more about this special form of betting at New88 and share valuable experiences about betting, please read the following article.

Outstanding features of bamboo cockfighting spurs

Knife spur cockfighting offers a dramatic cockfighting experience, where each cock uses a knife spur – a unique weapon attached to the chicken”s claw, creating exciting and tense confrontations. The match duration usually lasts about 30 minutes, each meeting is a vibrant confrontation between two chickens, with the goal of making the opponent accept defeat through sharp attacks.

The knife spurs, customized specifically for each cock, are capable of causing unique injuries such as cutting feathers, tearing flesh, and even sending the opponent down to the ring. Bamboo cockfighting attracts the attention not only of the betting community but also of fans who enjoy the kinetic beauty of traditional cockfights, turning it into one of the most unforgettable entertainment experiences. lacking at events and in cockfighting culture.

New88 cockfighting attracts a large number of players not only because of its attractiveness and drama but also thanks to the professionalism and transparency in the organization, making it an attractive and reliable entertainment option.

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Outstanding features of bamboo cockfighting

Characteristics of fighting cocks in Bamboo cockfighting

Bamboo chickens have a light body weight, only from 500 to 800 grams for roosters and from 400 to 600 grams for hens.

They are known for their small heads, small faces, and triangular beaks; The chest is broad, the hips are big and the wings are not too long. The special feature of this type of chicken is its soft, shiny feathers that hug the body with many different tones.

The nature of bantam chickens is often aggressive, wanting to take over the leading position and not hesitating to attack when encountering opponents, until their “last breath”. With flexibility and agility, the ability to fly high and impressive kicks, they promise to bring dramatic and exciting matches.

Where to watch Cua Dao bamboo cockfighting?

If you want to watch bantam fighting, you can choose one of the following two ways.

Come directly to the cockfighting ring

Visiting the cockfighting ring directly is a great choice if you have the financial means and free time. Enjoying the authentic atmosphere and enthusiasm of live cockfighting is an unforgettable experience. This not only brings joy to the players but also helps them better understand each kick and the excellent tactics of the fighting cocks.

Watch Cua Dao Bamboo cockfighting online

Another option that still retains the excitement is to watch it online. Instead of having to travel to the cockfighting ring, you can comfortably watch every match online. This not only saves costs but also helps you easily track back matches that have taken place. Websites that provide live video often save several matches so you can watch them again whenever you want.

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Where to watch Cua Dao bamboo cockfighting?

Bamboo cockfighting at New88 is not only an entertaining experience but also a unique betting opportunity, bringing diversity and richness through unique features. New88, a reputable bookmaker, offers suggestions and shares valuable experiences to help players participate in betting effectively, thereby achieving the highest profits. Register Xổ số new88 as soon as possible.