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Instructions on how to play Jun88 lottery effectively based on first prize and special prize

This is a very good way to play lottery that lottery players often use, it is both simple and easy to win.

How to play as follows: Choose the middle number among the special prize numbers as the basis for betting for the next days, play continuously within 7 days. According to experience playing this lottery, players should choose the special prize on Wednesday of the week.

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How to play Jun88 lottery effectively depends on the first prize and special prize

For example, today the special prize is 67671, the middle number chosen is 6. Players will use number 6 as the basis to play the first 6 numbers such as 66, 65, 64,… in the next 7 days. If you win, remember to change your first number immediately to ensure victory.

How to play Jun88 lottery without losing when playing according to the frequency of lottery results

Playing according to the frequency of lottery results is an undefeated method used by many people. This is something that many longtime lottery players know clearly. But for beginners, the concept of starting the lottery is still quite abstract. So what is a lottery head?

So, Jun88 will give an example for everyone to understand. For example, number 38 starts with 3, lot number 71 starts with 7.

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Bet according to the frequency of the first lot

To play using the frequency of first appearance method, players need to make lottery statistics 3 days before playing. If the frequency of the first lot appears more often, the possibility of having it in the following days will be extremely low.

Effective method of playing lotteries in 10 days

This fighting method is a bit complicated and requires a lot of effort and time to research. But the more you spend, the more valuable the rewards are. Here are step-by-step instructions for performing this method:

  • Statistics of all lottery prizes for 10 consecutive days;
  • Sum of numbers that appear less than 21 times (for example, the winning result is 16127, then the number is 1);
  • Choose the first numbers to pair with the ending numbers of the prizes and eliminate pairs with a value greater than 70 and numbers that appear more than 21 times;
  • Choose 2 numbers from the total numbers matched (these numbers rarely match the last numbers of the lottery prize 10 days ago) and raise the lottery within 2 to 3 days.

Effective method of playing lotteries in 10 days

How to play Jun88 lottery for beginners according to the investment method of raising lottery pairs

The Jun88 lottery research method is extremely safe because you don”t have to worry about capital. The method of playing Jun88 lottery is quite similar to the way of playing 3-card lottery. But instead of choosing the last 3 numbers of the prize, players only need to guess 2 numbers. In addition, players can also raise pairs for about 3 days or more depending on the amount of money they have. The playing method requires players to invest appropriate capital and choose a pair of quality lots to raise. Or you can choose to predict the platinum dragon.

Play lottery

One of the more unlucky ways to play the lottery is to play the lottery. For example, today the numbers 56 and 58 came back but 57 stuck in the middle did not come out. People call it 57 which is the clamp number.

According to experience in playing the lottery, when playing the lottery and placing a player in the frame for about 2 days, the winning rate will be extremely high.

For example: The first day the lottery number 46 did not come out, but it came out 44 45 47. If you keep raising this lottery lottery for 2 days, the probability of winning is extremely high. Note that if this batch of clips is not returned, the player should raise a new batch of clips!

Play lotto

Playing a mixed lottery means when a player bets on 81 but it comes out 18. When a player messes up a lot like 34 and 43, then in the next 2 days, bet on 34 (except for lot 34 which hasn”t come out in a long time)! If you play the lottery 2 or 3 times, the odds of winning the next lottery will be extremely high. Players should continue to play the lottery with a 2-day frame, the chance of winning is extremely high!

Raising plots according to frames

Usually, players have the habit of raising lotteries for 2 days. Next, follow the lot and choose other lots. This would be extremely unfortunate if that number appeared for a few days. Therefore, in addition to using free prediction. Players should also persistently pursue this lottery number in combination with playing other lottery numbers. This is also one of the not-to-lose lottery methods that many people apply today. Normally, players often raise lot number 247 in a 3 or 7 day frame.

Above are 7 methods to play the lottery without losing that Jun88 summarized from longtime players. Hopefully the above article will help you find the most effective ways to play https://jun88ap.com/, thereby catching the right numbers that are easy to win.