Cockfighting Jun88 with iron spurs is
one of the most popular forms of betting and entertainment today. With the
appeal of cockfighting and the thrill of betting, cockfighting attracts a
large number of players to bet and observe the fight between fierce

What is spur cockfighting?

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Learn about iron spur cockfighting

Iron spur cockfighting or iron spur cockfighting is a form of cockfighting
in which the cocks will be equipped with weapons placed on the chicken”s
feet. During the match, the two cocks will have a sharp blade attached to
their legs by the cockmasters. This makes the match much more dramatic and
exciting. However, the increase in damage causes a cockfight to take place
faster than normal ways of playing.

This is a unique and attractive form of cockfighting, combining martial arts
elements with the courage and bravery of warrior chickens. Cockfighting with
iron spurs will definitely be an interesting experience for those who love
folk games.

The most popular types of cockfighting with iron spurs today

There are two common types of iron spur cockfighting: round spur
cockfighting and knife spur cockfighting. These two types of cockfighting
have the following characteristics:

Cockfighting with round spurs:

Use a small, cylindrical spur with a sharp, pointed tip. Round spurs create
high damage but are still safer than knife spurs. The size and curvature of
round spurs are designed differently depending on the match. The strength of
the round spur is that it can target dangerous locations such as the
chicken”s neck and chest.

Knife spur cockfighting:

Use spurs shaped like plow blades, ground thin and sharp. This type of spur
causes damage and deep cuts to the opponent”s cock. During intense fights,
many chickens have their wings broken due to being slashed by blades. This
is the reason cockfighting spurs are usually shorter than other forms of

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There are the most popular types of cockfighting with iron spurs today

Round spurs and knife spurs are the two most popular types today. Each type
has its own advantages and disadvantages and creates appeal for viewers and
players. Choosing the appropriate type of spur depends on the requirements
and purpose of each match.

Things to know about the basic rules of cockfighting with iron spurs

Cockfighting with iron spurs is one of the most popular forms of betting
today. At reputable cockfighting floors like Jun88, the rules of the game
are relatively simple and easy to understand. Matches usually last about
10-15 minutes, some matches are much shorter due to the high damage nature
of this type.

The general rule is that if a cock cannot continue to compete, it will be
immediately forfeited. In case both are seriously injured and cannot
continue fighting, the referee will touch the road 3 times to see which one
can stand up and wins.

In addition, each cockfighting floor also has its own regulations on playing
rules and participation conditions. Therefore, players need to research
carefully before participating in cockfighting at a certain betting floor.

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Basic cockfighting rules that you need to know

At Jun88, the organizers choose professional chickens with strong bodies,
big thighs, and sturdy spurs to increase the attractiveness of the match.
Commonly used chicken breeds include American chickens, Peruvian chickens,
and Noi chickens. Each type has unique skills that create drama in the

Understanding the rules of the game and the characteristics of each type of
chicken will make it easier for players to bet and win.

Experience in playing cockfighting with iron spurs

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Tips for playing cockfighting with iron spurs

Cockfighting with iron spurs is an extremely interesting form of betting but
also requires players to have certain skills and experience. Here are some
tips that can help you increase your chances of winning when participating
in cockfighting bets:

Look carefully at the cock”s competition history

Before placing a bet, you should take the time to carefully study the
competition history, detailed statistics on the number of wins, losses, and
draws of each chicken. This will help you understand the performance,
fighting strength and winning ability of each fish, thereby making accurate
betting decisions.

Analyze factors affecting the fighting ability of chickens

Some important factors can greatly affect the fighting ability of chickens
such as weight, size, and body shape. You need to carefully compare these
factors between two chickens to accurately assess the strengths, weaknesses
and chances of winning of each.

Evaluate the rooster”s performance

Some cocks fight very well for a while but then frequently lose when facing
strong opponents. Others often win when they are put in a leading position.
Therefore, you need to carefully consider the performance and tendencies of
each rooster to make the most accurate prediction.

Consider carefully before betting

Don”t rush to bet based on emotions or temporary excitement. Take time to
carefully consider factors such as odds, bonuses,… to make the best

Cockfighting with iron spurs is loved by many people because of its appeal
and drama. Although entertaining and gambling, this is also a bloody and
cruel form of cockfighting. Players need to be very alert, not indulge in
gambling too much and know when to stop. Hopefully with the useful
information in, readers will have a more complete view of cockfighting.